Public Health Administrative MCQs

1. Which of the following study determine prevalence of diseases?

a) Longitudinal study

b) Case control study

c) Cohort study.

 d) Cross sectional study

2. 85% cancer among smoker is?

a) Attribute risk

b) Relative risk

3. In which of the following study relative risk is calculated?

a. Case control study

b. Cohort study

c. Longitudinal study

d. Cross sectional study

4.Which of the following is the limiting amino acid?

 a. Soyabean

b. Gram

 c. lentils

d. pea

5. Which of the following international conferences advocate the health promotion.

a. Ottawa charter

 b. ICPD

c. Beijing conference

d.habitat II

6. According to Alma-Ata, elements of PHC are

a. eight

 b. three

 c. six

d. five

7. Which of the following protein is reference is considered as reference protein.

a. egg


c. milk


8. Nucleo protein requires which of the following

a. folic acids

b. nuclic acids

c. ascorbic acid


9. Measurement of climate change is in





10. Measure of water vapour per cu cm is?

a. absolute humidity

b. relative humidity


d. non


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